Brand Voicing and Brand Booking

As a great writer once said, “ With great power, comes great responsibility”. Well, with great brands it’s the same. As an immersion tool for newcomers or an ongoing brand bible for the team, it comes in handy to have a document that gathers all the important stuff about a brand. And we’re not talking about guidelines here. A brand is so much more than style guides and rules. We’re talking about all the inside informations that make up a brand, ensuring continuity and consistency on all communication platforms. That´s what ultimately a brand book is for. A document that  inspires and has the power to convey the brand principles to everyone on the team, from a coder to a sales rep’.

For the past two weeks, we have been crafting non-stop Mimi’s brand book. It required a lot of research, fun brand voice exercises and even a little time travelling. We needed to go back to the very start of the creative process. We were feeling nostalgic about those carefree days and in need of some reconnection with that early creative energy. And it worked! We were able to refill our mojo and continue to work on what we hope will be the future Mimi brand bible.


Taking up the world, starting with BCN.

Mimi is already in Barcelona at the Mobile World Conference 2015, the world’s greatest mobile conference. It will be part of the 4YFR  (4 Years From Now), an international programme presented by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and GSMA that brings together the best mobile start-ups and entrepreneurs with investors, accelerators, incubators and corporations from the mobile ecosystem.

With the new brand being launched, it was super important to keep branding cohesive in all touchpoints. With a super tight deadline, WithCo worked closely with the Mimi team to figure out how could the Mimi booth be, so it showcased the new brand and also engaged people to download the app’s. We decided to design a re-usable, easy to assemble soundproof booth, where the visitors could experience the hearing tes. Cool communication materials, like a postcard with ear plugs, cute buttons, T-shirts and canvas bags were also designed.

Simultaneously, the newly redesigned version of the website is already online, with the new brand and new voice. You can check out at

Whoaaa, that was an intense week! There is still more to be done. But for now, let’s wish good luck to Mimi. Tomorrow the new Smart Hearing Amplifier app will be presented to the world, directly at the event. We are pretty sure it’s going be smashing!

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Back to our second home

Time to take decisions and put this new brand on wheels. It already talks, it has a face, it moves. We are falling in love with Mimi and this is good news for everyone.

Besides finishing the identity last version, we finished the basic stationary and communications materials for the World Mobile Congress, that is taking place next week in Barcelona. That was a stretch! Also, the new leaner website is already in the making.

Wonder what the hell are these photos with the boxes? More news in the next post, before Mimi flies off to Barcelona. You go, Mimi.

Pen, paper, ink, illustrator and well, ropes.

Oh wow, such an incredible inspiring day. We left the super important brand talk behind and let our hands and creativity take care of the rest. Today we sketched, prototyped and generate some cool identity designs to share with mimi tomorrow. These two weeks in Berlin are almost over but there’s an incredible amount of work still ahead of us. Before, we still have to push these identities forward and Daniela, please make this brand talk.


Ok, so it took us a bit longer to close the brand essence but we’re all happy with the end result. It’s great when something so summed up has the power to resonate with everyone at mimi. Done.
After this journey, we started by clustering some os the most influential topics. Then we began exploring potencial brand “attitudes” by making collages out of that research. Thanks Guido for the great contribution. In the end of the day, we had about 20 different mood boards expressing what we already felt for the brand. 3 hours of debate, ideas, comments and some enjoyable jokes later, a few of those sets of imagery emerged. Let’s wait and see what comes ahead.

Moving up to the next level.

Yesterday, we were at DSchool in Potsdam and it’s possible that little escape had an influence on today’s work because finally we broke down Mimi’s Brand Key. Score! One pint of ice-cream later, no more indulging. It’s time to move up to the next level and start having fun with the new Mimi brand. See you tomorrow, kids!

Brand Key – Check
– Initial Graphic Research – Check
– Initial Sketching Explorations – Check